About Steam


How to choose the right Eurogem Product

Price and quality are key considerations when purchasing any product. This page will help you choose the Eurogem appliance for your specific cleaning needs without overcapitalizing. There are six appliances to choose from in our current product range.



Why Choose Steam Cleaning?

Steam is the easiest method of cleaning By using heat to soften the binding agents that hold dirt or stains onto or into surfaces and then the pressure to dislodge them, steam takes a lot of the work out of cleaning. Old abrasive methods of cleaning are labour intensive and slow and become almost impossible for infirmed or elderly people to perform.



Steam Only

Steam Only models, while sanitizing and dislodging contaminants, will not pick up the residue. In conjunction with your steam only cleaner you must use a cloth or direct the residue towards a drain hole or squeegee it away. For this reason we do not advise you choose a steam only cleaner as your first choice for floor cleaning. Steam with vacuum cleaners are better suited for this purpose.



Steam Combined with Vacuum

Eurogem’s Steam with Vacuum cleaners do the job of the Steam Only cleaners but they are also fitted with an extraction motor and filtration system that sucks away the dirt and grime.

The dual capability of steam with vacuum makes cleaning much quicker, even more hygienic and it creates less mess as there are no soiled cloths or dirty mops to deal with.



What is steam vapour?

Steam (vapour) cleaning is a simple yet extremely effective method of surface treatment.



What to look for in a Steam Cleaner

EUROGEM appliances are the best available with the latest technology, quality parts, appliances for most situations and full support both with learning about steam and after sales service.



Steam vapour cleaning

Steam vapour cleaning had begun its inexorable growth as the modern, ecological cleaning system.