Steam Combined with Vacuum

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Eurogem’s Steam with Vacuum cleaners do the job of the Steam Only cleaners but they are also fitted with an extraction motor and filtration system that sucks away the dirt and grime. With the exception of cleaning carpet and fabric surfaces, steaming and the removal of waste is done in a single action. We recommend a dry vacuum of carpet and fabric surfaces (e.g. drapes, furniture, mattresses) prior to steam application. This prevents any dust being turned into mud and ensures better cleaning results.

The dual capability of steam with vacuum makes cleaning much quicker, even more hygienic and it creates less mess as there are no soiled cloths or dirty mops to deal with.

A Dry Finish

You get a near dry finish even on carpets when using one of Eurogem’s Steam with Vacuum products. Unlike traditional water-injected cleaning methods there is no risk of water damage to carpets and there are no mouldy odours. Also an instant dry finish means that you can clean any time as you don’t need to wait for a climate of suitable drying conditions or for people to completely vacate the area.

The instant dry finish and the absence of finishing mops and cloths is the reason we recommend steam with suction for all floor surface cleaning including, tiles, vinyl, slate, smooth concrete, resin, polished timber and painted or rendered brick or concrete.

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