Steam Only

Steam Only models, while sanitizing and dislodging contaminants, will not pick up the residue. In conjunction with your steam only cleaner you must use a cloth or direct the residue towards a drain hole or squeegee it away. For this reason we do not advise you choose a steam only cleaner as your first choice for floor cleaning. Steam with vacuum cleaners are better suited for this purpose.

Eurogem’s Steam Only cleaners are an excellent choice for cleaning and sanitizing:

  • food preparation benches, food display cases, food cooking appliances such as ovens and their racks, cooking canopies;
  • refrigerators, fridge rubbers;
  • bathroom fixtures such as toilets, shower cubicles, sink wastes;
    drainage pipes;
  • cracks and crevices such as door and window tracks,
  • windows and glass ware such as chandeliers;
  • fan blades and ventilation ducts;
  • fly screens;
  • tile grouting;
  • blinds of all types;
  • painted walls;Steam Only cleaners are also excellent for:
  • destroying mould;
  • killing dust mites, bed bugs, flees, spiders (and clearing webs), E coli, ring worms etc.;
  • weed killing;
  • destroying odours;
  • removing dust and fungus on indoor plants either living or artificial;

Commercial businesses that use hot water for cleaning such as butcher shops, car detailing businesses, medical and dental/denture practices, bakeries, veterinary surgeries, kitchens have discovered that Eurogem’s Steam Only cleaners are an easy way to sanitize and a great water saving alternative.


Steam Only Models

The Euro4000 is recommended for light commercial use.

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