Steam vapour cleaning


Italian boiler manufacturers began experimenting with steam vapour as a cleaning medium in the late sixties to early seventies. Recognizing the enormous potential of highly pressurised, low moisture content steam as an internal and general cleaner, they were extremely excited by the sensational results they achieved with the early prototypes. The effectiveness on difficult surfaces and the sanitizing capabilities, far exceeded their initial hopes.
Steam vapour cleaning had begun its inexorable growth as the modern, ecological cleaning system.

Early models, however, were cumbersome, awkward to use and were unable, as with unsophisticated versions available today, to maintain a constant steam pressure to allow cleaning and sanitising of reasonable household areas. Experimentation and product development resulted in the evolution of the powerful, highly efficient and user friendly models that are available today.

Acceptance of these modern appliances with continuous steam and steam with vacuum combinations, throughout Europe and America in both domestic and commercial applications is unprecedented and has ensured steam vapour technologies position as the method of choice for efficiency and sustainability in our modern, fast paced world.