Liberty Professional

Liberty Professional

Dual Steam combined with Vacuum
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The Liberty Professional is Eurogem’s ‘Top of the Range’ dual ‘Steam combined with Vacuum’ suitable for Light Commercial applications as well as everyday domestic use for larger styled homes.


Why choose the Liberty Professional?

The Liberty Professional is Eurogem’s ‘Top of the Range’ dual ‘Steam combined with Vacuum’ suitable for Light Commercial applications as well as everyday domestic use for larger styled homes.

Who uses the Liberty Pro ?

Home owners with more than 200 sqm of tiles appreciate the greater steam generation of the Liberty Professional. It gets amazing results, cleaning grout and rougher tiles like the outdoor and pitted, non-slip and slate varieties removing marks and grime built up over years.

Car detailing companies prefer to use the Liberty Professional for cleaning Upholstery, Carpet, Dash Boards and Air Conditioning Vents as the finish is virtually dry compared to traditional water injected vacuum cleaners.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes (see Testimonials), Backpackers, Hotels/Motels, Caravan Parks, Car Detailers, Restaurants, Cafe’s, Cleaning Companies, Pest Control Companies, Boat Owners, Bed Bug Specialists, Domestic Cleaners etc choose the Liberty Professional for its ability to Sanitize and Clean, Chemical-Free, leaving surfaces odourless and drier for a more noticeable cleaning result than traditional mop and bucket methods. No downtime on rooms.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are an epidemic that threatens the livelihood of not only Accommodation Industries but also normal everyday domestic environments. The Liberty Professional, like all our models, is recommended to eradicate Bed Bugs. It requires no harmful chemicals, and treatments are effective immediately, so rooms are clean, sterile, bug free and ready for use straight away.

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How Does It Work?

The Liberty Professional offers a Dual Cleaning Feature that injects hot steam onto a surface and then vacuums the extracted dirt, dust, grime and moisture leaving hard surfaces sanitised, squeaky clean, dry ready to walk on immediately. The Liberty Professional also cuts your cleaning time in half the ‘Power of Steam’ eliminates the elbow grease associated with a mop and bucket. Steam production is ‘Continuous’ as the boiler is replenished on demand with water transferring across via a pump from a separate non-pressurised water reservoir.The unit also features convenient Electronic Steam and Suction Controls at the handle, so the amount of steam emitted and strength of suction can be varied to suit all surfaces and fabrics.

Patented Venturi Water Filtration System

99.9% filtration is achieved simply and efficiently by the patented Venturi process. This process eliminates the need for messy dust bags by having water as your filter.  Vacuumed dust is filtered through a water reservoir to be discarded simply by removing the reclaim tub and dispersing the contents down the sink or onto your plants. A built in safety device closes down vacuuming when the filtration tub is full. Unlike with dust bags, the vacuum suction velocity in not diminished as dust is drawn into the machine. This allows the motor to function at 100% efficiency at all times.

Key Features

  • Steam combined with Vacuum
  • Light Commercial and Domestic Use
  • 3.4 litre stainless steel boiler
  • 1500 litres of steam vapour from 1L of water
  • Patented Venturi System
  • 99.9% Filtration
  • Large 3.4 litre Boiler
  • Continuous Steam Delivery
  • Continuous Water Refill
  • Portable
  • Controls on handle
  • Wet Vac
  • Hepa Filter
  • Trolley Mounted
  • Standard 3 metre re-enforced Hose
  • 4.5 Bar Pressure (65PSI)
  • No downtime





Liberty Professional

Liberty Professional Technical Specifications

icon_62Body MaterialPatented Easy Clean System with heat-resistant ABS
icon_62Dimensions52 x 28 x 42
icon_62Electronic Handle ControlPA66+FG 5 volts
icon_62Handle ConnectionPA66+FG
icon_62Hose LengthStd 3.0 metres (Optional 4 metres)
icon_62Socket ConnectionPA66+FG
icon_62WeightEmpty: 12.5 kgs
icon_62Capacity3.4 litres
icon_62Heating Time4-5 mins
icon_62Boiler MaterialStainless Steel AISI 304 with built-in Element 1100 W 230V
icon_62Boiler Power Usage2 Stage 2400 Watts max
icon_62Boiler Pressure450 Kpa 4.5 bar (65PSI)
icon_62Boiler Reserve Tank Empty WarningYes
icon_62Continuous Steam DeliveryYes
icon_62Power of Water Pump48 W
icon_62Reserve Tank Capacity1.4 litres
icon_62Reserve Tank Empty WarningYes
icon_62Reserve Tank MaterialPP
icon_62Steam Temperature at Boiler147 degrees C
icon_62Steam Pressure at Nozzle135 degrees C
icon_62Safety Thermostat Cut-Off Temperature180 degrees C
icon_62Steam Supply RegulatorYes
icon_62Steam Levels3 Levels
Noise Levels:
icon_62Vacuum77 dB (A)
icon_62Steam at Handle87 dB (A)
icon_62Steam with Jet Nozzle86 dB (A
icon_62Steam with Floor Head74 dB (A)
Power Supply:
icon_62Power Cable Length5.5 metres
icon_62Protection RatingCE,IP X4
icon_62Max Power (kW)2250
icon_62Protection RatingCE,IP X4
icon_62Voltage240V/50hz/10amps Single Phase
icon_62Air Flow42 litres/sec max
icon_62FiltrationPatented Water Filtration Venturi System @ 99.9%
icon_62Motor1200 W BY 11
icon_62Motor Power1100W
icon_62Depression (mmH20)2200
icon_62Reclaim Tub Capacity1.5 litres
icon_62Vacuum Levels3 Levels
icon_62Vacuum Suction Power20kPa
icon_62Parts & Labour12 months
icon_62Boiler - Component Only24 months

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