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Liberty Professional

Steam with Vacuum Continuous Refill

RRP: $2,695.00 plus P & H , trolley optional

HOT SPECIAL:$1,990.00 plus freight

The Liberty Professional is Eurogem’s ‘Top of the Range’ dual ‘Steam combined with Vacuum’ suitable for Light Commercial applications as well as everyday domestic use for larger styled homes.


Liberty Home Care

Steam with Vacuum Continuous Refill

RRP: $2,255.00 plus P & H, TROLLEY OPTIONAL
Super Special: $1,240.25 plus freight

The Liberty Home Care is Eurogem’s recommended steam and vacuum unit for everyday domestic cleaning giving you that perfect finish with the aid of suction.



Steam with Vacuum Continuous Refill

RRP: $2,420.00 plus P & H
Hot Special: $1,210.00 plus freight, trolley optional.

The QV7 is Eurogem’s recommended combined Steam with Vacuum domestic cleaning solution for homes.  Also offering an optional Power head attachment for that deep down vacuum on carpets.


Steam with Continuous Refill

RRP: $1,500.00 plus P & H    “CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK”

The EURO5000+ is the brother of the EURO4000. It can be used for domestic or light commercial use. With the benefit of continuous refill you will have no downtime or any contact with hot steam, making it very user friendly for you or your staff.



Steam with Hot Water Option

RRP: $1,430.00 plus P & H


The Euro4000 is a domestic or light commercial unit used for a variety of applications such as the home, food outlets, car detailing, tradie work, aircon cleaning etc and is suitable for any environment.