How to choose the right Eurogem Product

If you reading this page you are probably aware of the advantages of steam-based Vs conventional cleaning and are now seeking information on which Eurogem product suits your specific needs.

Price and quality are key considerations when purchasing any product. This page will help you choose the Eurogem appliance for your specific cleaning needs without overcapitalizing. There are six appliances to choose from in our current product range.

Eurogem is Different

Eurogem offers the next level of steam appliances and should not be associated with cheaper steam mops/machines on the market. The poor quality of these appliances result in a poor quality clean. All of Eurogem’s products are made in Italy, the leader in steam technology, have stainless steel boilers and achieve a level of cleanliness that cannot be attained with conventional cleaning methods.\

Need to see it work?

Eurogem has a collection of DVDs which demonstrate how to use each of the products in our range and how to use steam effectively for cleaning and killing bed bugs

How to decide?

You should consider the following in choosing the right product for your specific cleaning needs:

1. Do you require Steam Vs Steam with Vacuum

2. Are you cleaning domestic or commercial environments?

3. Boiler type, size, refill procedure and maintenance

4. Heath Issues

Don’t worry if you have considered the above and are still not sure. You can contact us for assistance

Steam Vs Steam with Vacuum

Within our range we offer two types of steam cleaners:

  • Steam Only (Wet Finish)
  • Steam with Vacuum (Dry Finish)
  • Steam Only Range (Wet Finish)


Steam Only models, while sanitizing and dislodging contaminants, will not pick up the residue. In conjunction with your steam only cleaner you must use a cloth or direct the residue towards a drain hole or squeegee it away. For this reason we do not advise you choose a steam only cleaner as your first choice for floor cleaning. Steam with vacuum cleaners are better suited for this purpose.

Eurogem’s Steam Only cleaners are an excellent choice for cleaning and sanitizing:

  • Food preparation benches, food display cases, food cooking appliances such as ovens and their racks, cooking canopies;
    refrigerators, fridge rubbers;
  • Bathroom fixtures such as toilets, shower cubicles, sink wastes;
  • Drainage pipes;
  • Cracks and crevices such as door and window tracks,
  • Windows and glass ware such as chandeliers; blinds of all types;
  • Fan blades and ventilation ducts; fly screens; tile grouting painted walls;

Steam Only cleaners are also excellent for:

  • Destroying mould;
  • Killing dust mites, bed bugs, flees, spiders (and clearing webs), E coli, ring worms etc.;
  • Weed killing;
  • Destroying odours;
  • Removing dust and fungus on indoor plants either living or artificial;

Commercial businesses that use hot water for cleaning such as butcher shops, car detailing businesses, medical and dental/denture practices, bakeries, veterinary surgeries, kitchens have discovered that Eurogem’s Steam Only cleaners are an easy way to sanitize and a great water saving alternative.

Steam with Vacuum Range

Eurogem’s Steam with Vacuum cleaners do the job of the Steam Only cleaners but they are also fitted with an extraction motor and filtration system that sucks away the dirt and grime. With the exception of cleaning carpet and fabric surfaces, steaming and the removal of waste is done in a single action. We recommend a dry vacuum of carpet and fabric surfaces (e.g. drapes, furniture, mattresses) prior to steam application. This prevents any dust being turned into mud and ensures better cleaning results.

The dual capability of steam with vacuum makes cleaning much quicker, even more hygienic and it creates less mess as there are no soiled cloths or dirty mops to deal with.

A Dry Finish

You get a near dry finish even on carpets when using one of Eurogem’s Steam with Vacuum products. Unlike traditional water-injected cleaning methods there is no risk of water damage to carpets and there are no mouldy odours. Also an instant dry finish means that you can clean any time as you don’t need to wait for a climate of suitable drying conditions or for people to completely vacate the area.

The instant dry finish and the absence of finishing mops and cloths is the reason we recommend steam with suction for all floor surface cleaning including, tiles, vinyl, slate, smooth concrete, resin, polished timber and painted or rendered brick or concrete.

Commercial Vs Domestic use

Commercial Use

If you intend to use any of our machines for several hours a day, we recommend the EURO 4000 or QV6 in the Steam Only range or the Liberty Professional in the Steam with Vacuum range.

The EURO 4000 is one of the most robust models on the market and suitable for cleaning in difficult or confined spaces such as in ceilings, on roof tops or in boat hulls. The QV6 is more suitably for commercial cleaning of indoor environments.

The Liberty Professional gives cleaning contractors greater mobility for those hard to get at spots and greater flexibility for a wide variety of cleaning tasks. It is ideal for cleaning contractors looking to enter the chemical free market or as a small area/spot cleaner to compliment cumbersome truck mounted equipment used for major cleaning jobs.

Also with the Liberty Professional , we can supply at a small extra cost a trolley that has greater storage and is easier to transport the unit over long distances and rough surfaces. The Liberty Professional  is the first choice for motel/accommodation businesses. The QV6 steam only unit is also suitable for light commercial cleaning where steam is needed for intermittent cleaning tasks.

Domestic Use

To choose the right Eurogem product for domestic use you must consider the type of surfaces you wish to clean and the size of your cleaning jobs.


The QV7 has a unique carpet power head designed to clean and protect the finest of carpets. This is an extra to the standard carpet vacuum head and really is a must if your house is covered with expensive cut loop woolen carpets where immaculate presentation is desired.

Floor surface areas

Either the Liberty Home care or QV7 in our Steam with vacuum range are recommended for cleaning floor/surface areas to keep cleaning time to a minimum. If you have expansive floor areas we sometimes advocate the added steam power of the Liberty Professional  as a more suitable alternative. With a small unit or flat, while the steam with vacuum type may be the most appropriate type, a Steam Only cleaner like the QV5 or QV6 with cloth pick up can be a cost effective option.

Boiler Type, Size, Refill Procedure & Maintenance

When selecting any steam cleaner the boiler type, size, refill procedure and maintenance should be a key consideration as the boiler is at the centre of steam cleaning technology.

Eurogem’s boilers are of the highest quality in the market. They are a one piece stainless steel unit with internal mounted heater elements and are encased with heat insulation to prevent heat transference. Some products in the steam market use nothing more than a flimsy element equivalent to that found in an electrical kettle.

Eurogem’s product range offers both continuous water fed boilers (smaller in volume) and non-continuous types (larger) that must be manually refilled. Continuous boilers do not need to be as large as non continuous boilers because they are being automatically replenished. If you consider that 1 Litre of water produces approximately 20 minutes of steam, you can judge whether the manual refill process associated with a non continuous boiler will be practical given the cleaning task and the size of the boiler.

For Domestic Cleaning

For household Steam Only cleaning jobs the non-continuous, lightweight boiler in the QV5 may be suitable. For more heavy duty Steam Only jobs the QV6 offers the convenience of a continuous water fed boiler.

The QV7 and Liberty Home care, Steam with Vacuum cleaners, both offer the convenience of continual steam.

For Commercial Cleaning

The EURO 4000 (Steam Only) is a non-continuous boiler refill steamer but supplies steam on demand for up to 80 minutes.

It is the continuous 3.5 litre boiler of the Liberty Professional (Steam with Vacuum) that makes it suitable for large Commercial cleaning jobs such as cleaning vast amounts of tiles.

Boiler Maintenance

De-scaling one of Eurogem’s boiler is a simple and inexpensive process. It should be done approximately every 100 hours of use and is as simple as boiling the boiler unit in water with vinegar. To minimise scale, tank or filtered water should be used in the boiler. Drinkable bore water is also acceptable. Expensive distilled water is not necessary.

Health Issues

Steam is the healthiest cleaning process available. It offers the opportunity for chemical free cleaning which is important if anyone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma, eczema, dust mites or other chemical intolerances.

Within its product range Eurogem’s QV7 and Liberty Homecare and Liberty Professional models have improved filtration systems. The QV7 Filtro Vap Dual filtration System and Liberty’s patented Venturi water filtration systems ensure that air expelled during the cleaning process is filtered to 99. 99% and 99.9% respectively.