” We use the Eurogem to steam infectious rooms after the patient has been discharged. We steam furniture, walls, screens, floors and bathrooms. We have very good results with this method. ”

Diane Boyle,
Armadale Hospital,

” Since I purchased the Eurogem Steam and Vacuum Cleaner I have noticed the time I spend cleaning my floors has halved. I love being able to “sweep, mop and vacuum” at the same time. I have also seen an improvement in my family’s health since I stopped using chemical cleaners. The overall package is brilliant as one machine really “does it all”.

Whitegum Valley ,

” The Eurogem Steam & Vacuum Cleaner is by far the best I have tried. We have had previous types of Steam Cleaners and none have come close in comparison. The ability to vacuum and steam clean at the same time is magic for me and has cut my cleaning time in half. It is so simple to use and is very effective being all in one. “

N C Gruers,

” I would like to write and tell you about my story. I first saw your steam cleaner at the Melbourne Home show. I was so impressed by it that I went away thinking I really want one of those. Due to my current financial position, I felt it was not to be. I was watching TV and saw Demtal advertising a steam cleaner. I drove over to Sunshine and purchased one for a portion of the price. I was soon to learn you get what you pay for and promptly returned it the next day.

I thought about it some more and rang the lady I’d seen at the home show who allowed me to lay by one and pay it off. I was so excited the day I got it home and proceeded to clean just about everything from my tiled floors, carpets, windows, shower recess and even my oven. My son has even steam the motor on his car. I watched vigilantly in case he marked my wonderful new cleaner. I was having no grease on it. I clean my cleaner after every use so it looks like new. The cleaner is my pride and joy.

My friend Graeme was moving house. The walls needed cleaning. I tried a small patch first to check if the paint could stand the steaming. It did and, guess what, we steamed all those walls clean. The finished job looked so good. His ex partner thought he he’d got the professionals in.

There have been times I have needed advice on how to operate the machine more efficiently and have found the after sales people in the Eurogem office to be exceptionally helpful. I had to send the cleaner back for a check up and was most distressed when it left as I had to manually clean my floors. The mop clean is not a patch on the superior clean of the Eurogem as the floors literally sparkle after they have been steam cleaned by the Eurogem .

I would thoroughly recommend this machine to anyone who values the benefit of a clean home. It is dust free and far superior method of cleaning. I love my Eurogem Steam cleaner as you can gather!

I almost forgot to mention the steam iron. I hate ironing and was so impressed when I can cut my ironing time in half and have a professional finish. I didn’t buy the cleaner for the iron. It was an added extra I got. I didn’t realize how dependant I would become on it. I have eight people to iron for. I wouldn’t be without it now. “


Helen Cunningham,
Hoppers Crossing ,

” As an experienced professional cleaner from Bribie Island, I thought I knew all there was to known about cleaning homes and offices. In late 2006 I decided to include steam cleaning to my service.
Initially I received a good demonstration on a steam only machine but was convinced to purchase the Liberty Professional for its dual steam and vacuum ability.

My business has not looked back since with many referrals coming from satisfied customers. I now have a better method for cleaning and sanitizing those hard to do things like door and window tracks, painted walls, kitchen appliances both inside and out, curtains, ceiling fans and many more nooks and crannies.
I no longer have to dry vacuum off the dust and grime from tiles and polished floors first before mopping.

The time saved by the combined steaming and vacuuming allows me to do some of those other difficult chores and my customers just love it. Not being dependant on chemicals is far healthier, not to mention the cost saving and customers marvel at the squeaky clean feel about their home.
A quick application of steam and the curtains, beds and lounges are refreshed, sanitized and free from human, pest and pet odours.

I’ve now got the non chemical answer to dust mites bed bugs if they appear on Bribie Island. My business now delivers a level of sanitized cleaning that isolates us from the low end cleaning market.


John Baker,
Island Cleaning services,
Bribie Island

” The Ritz Nursing Home is a 148 bed psycho-geriatric facility located in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Our Residents are principally non – self funded people who require high care for Behavioral problems, while in a secure facility. The facility itself was a Hotel, built in 1891. It traded as a hotel until 1967. It was then sold at auction in 1970. Modifications to the interior were made, and it opened as a Nursing Home in 1971.

We were introduced to the Eurogem by a tradesman who offered to “dry clean our Nursing Home”. He proceeded to dry clean the curtains, bed curtains, clothing in the wardrobe, bedding and pillows, the windows, the chairs and tables and the floors. The Steam Cleaning process not only cleans and removes stains, but it also sanitises and kills insects including mites and bed bugs, (including Sarcoptes Scabiei), better known as the scabies mite.

The machine is very easy to use. Our domestic Staff learn how to use it appropriately, and to maintain and clean it, via a DVD that is supplied with the machine. They have become so confident and competent with the machine, that some have asked if they can borrow it to do their own homes.

Each room of the Nursing Home is now routinely steam cleaned twice a year. We have developed a procedure whereby If a resident develops a suspicious looking rash, we now routinely steam clean the room as well as having the rash identified and treated. Our Cook also regularly uses the machine to break up and clean stubborn stains in the kitchen and store rooms. The machine is reliable and sturdy. Best of all, when we have had a problem, the parts ordered come the next working day, minimizing the down time thanks to excellent service back up.

We are very happy with the product. It is a reliable, versatile, useful tool that is now an important part of our infection control and cleaning program. “


Michael Hogan,
The Ritz Nursing Home,
Leura N.S.W


” I recently purchased the Liberty Professional for my large home after I saw it demonstrated at the Gold Coast Home Show. I received very knowledgeable initial training and the phone advice since was most appreciated. Eurogem certainly backs up their products.

The initial clean restored my home to its original splendor and I now maintain my carpets, tiles, windows, kitchen and bathroom easily without the usual dependence of professional cleaners. This saves me plenty plus gives me great pride that I can do it myself.It also makes living with my poodle much more hygienic.

The Liberty professional is not just a vacuum cleaner but a multi purpose steam machine that I can firstly wet clean all surfaces including beds, seating and furniture and then vacuum them dry.
No more mopping rags and I love being able to clean without using chemicals. ”

Carolyn Johnston,
The Gold Coast,

” I am the Services manager at an Aged Care facility in Nth Qld and we have been using the Eurogem Liberty Professional Steam Cleaner steamer for the past 5 years.

My domestic staff and I find that the steamer provides excellent results in the cleaning / infection control of many different areas and items around our facility.

We clean carpets -hard floors -tiles  around bathroom taps and toilets -skirting boards – walls – fabric chairs and much more.

Being chemical free it is safe to use around our elderly residents and is ideal for kitchen cleaning.

Any replacement parts, which have been very few, have been promptly sent, so the service is great.

We no longer have to have to get in professional cleaners to do our carpets and that is a savings benefit to us.

As the steamer is on a light weight trolley this makes it easily transportable to any part of our facility and meets workplace health & safety manual handling protocols.

The cleaning of the machine is straight forward and is also low maintenance making it a good addition to our cleaning equipment.

We are happy to be one of Eurogem customers and look forward to a long relationship. “


Jan Hull,
Cardwell Care,