What to look for in a Steam Cleaner

Steam pressure and continuous refill

Pressure is the secret to successful cleaning with steam. Put simple, more pressure equals easier cleaning, lose pressure and you lose the ability to clean. Steam pressure is measured in bars and you need at the very least 3 bars of pressure for effective cleaning. Also, steam comes in wave form with an element heating the new steam as you clean. Inferior machines can give you an initial blast of steam but are not sophisticated enough to maintain pressure for more than a few seconds.
Always check the steam pressure before you select a steamer and always test how well the pressure is sustained.

Older style steamers are filled direct to the boiler and sealed with a pressure cap. This means your cleaning time is restricted to the amount of water the boiler holds. Refilling the boiler involves depressurising, refilling then reheating.

Modern steamers use a second “reservoir” tank which pumps water into the boiler as it is needed meaning no back pressure so no pressure cap, you can refill the reservoir while you clean and, by using a smaller boiler, it takes less time for the initial heating of the steam.
A wide range of accessories

There are various tools that can be used with a steam cleaner to simplify your cleaning tasks. Most of these tools are supplied as standard with quality appliances with specialised tools available as optional extras.

Always make certain you have a good range of tools available for your steamer of choice.
Choose an appliance that fulfils your needs

Steam (vapour) cleaners range from small steamers which can be used for small specified tasks to the modern and popular steam with vacuum combination appliances giving a total cleaning package. Consider what you want to achieve before selecting your steamer.
Quality Construction

If you want an appliance that will last, you need to be assured of quality components. The boiler is the heart of the steamer so for longevity you should select a steamer with a stainless steel boiler and to maintain the boilers for years of trouble free cleaning, it is recommended you use some form of filtered water.

The old saying you get what you pay for is certainly true with steamers so you should be prepared to pay a bit more to ensure a quality appliance.

After Sales Service

As steam is, for most people, a new form of cleaning it is imperative to be shown the correct method of use. This can be done personally by the representative, which is why steamers are sold direct, or, with reputable companies, via an instruction format, preferably video or dvd.

Spare parts and repairs need to be accessible.

EUROGEM appliances are the best available with the latest technology, quality parts, appliances for most situations and full support both with learning about steam and after sales service.