Why Choose Steam Cleaning

Steam is the easiest method of cleaning

By using heat to soften the binding agents that hold dirt or stains onto or into surfaces and then the pressure to dislodge them, steam takes a lot of the work out of cleaning. Old abrasive methods of cleaning are labour intensive and slow and become almost impossible for infirmed or elderly people to perform.

Steam is the cheapest method of cleaning

In general or maintenance cleaning you can achieve outstanding results purely and simply with water. By eliminating the use of expensive chemicals and various cleaning tools, your ongoing cleaning costs are hugely reduced if not erased and with one litre of water producing in excess of fifteen hundred litres of steam, you are using less water than the older style cleaning.

Steam is the healthiest cleaning method

Our generation is the first to be brought up in a chemical soup as such, with the use of chemical cleaning solutions escalating from the 1940’s. Every day we are faced with new evidence on the hazards of constant exposure to many chemicals with proven links to CANCER, ASTHMA, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME amongst others. All maintenance cleaning can be done with steam only and the use of any cleaning solution is rare and only when faced with particularly stubborn stains and you can often substitute natural cleaners for toxic solutions.
Steam is the responsible cleaning method

“We didn’t inherit this world, we are borrowing it from future generations.” Cleaning chemicals don’t just disappear, they create a chemical load on our planet in the same way they build up a chemical load in our bodies. Now there is no excuse for further damaging our fragile environment as steam is the truly sustainable cleaning method.
Steam can improve you’re quality of life

ASTHMA and ALLERGY sufferers are hyper sensitive to dust mites (as well as many chemicals) but these and other invisible microbes affect us all in many different ways. The ability of steam to kill these parasites and their eggs breaks the breeding cycle and although we can never totally eradicate dust mites, by controlling and minimising the populations, we improve our quality of life.