Key Features

  • Steam combined with Vacuum
    ( Continuous Refill )
  • Power Head for carpets (Optional)
  • Filtro Vap Dual filtration System
  • Trolley mounted
  • Continual Steam
  • Domestic Use
  • Steam and Vacuum


Why choose the QV7

The QV7 is Eurogem’s recommended Steam with Vacuum domestic cleaning solution for homes with extensive fine carpet flooring or where occupants suffer from dust mites, asthma, eczema or other allergies/chemical intolerances.

The QV7 belongs to the QV product range of which Eurogem has exclusive distribution rights within Australia and New Zealand. This quality Italian cleaner, while similar to the Home Care in boiler size, steam generation and vacuum power, has superior carpet cleaning capabilities via it’s Power Head attachment tool and Dual Filtration process.

Eurogem’s steam process to clean carpets should not to be confused with the warm water injection process used by most carpet cleaning contractors. Our process leaves carpets relatively dry, not drenched as is the case with water injected cleaning. With the QV7 carpets can be kept in a pristine, sanitized, odourless and bug free condition all year round without the expense of cleaning contractors.

Power Head for Carpet (Optional)
Eurogem’s QV7 with the Power Head attachment cleans carpet via a two step process:

Step 1 : Dry Vacuums

The 240 volt motor driven Power Head is attached to the machine body with a separate light weight suction hose and extension rods. The Power Head has fast rotating beater bars for pulsating deep into the carpet pile and soft brushes to loosen and extract the smallest particles of dirt from the base of the pile.

Step 2 : Steam & Sanitize

After dry vacuuming is complete, the main floor head and steam/suction hose are attached. The steam process injects large amounts of sanitizing steam deep into the carpet. Carpets stay relatively dry as the QV7 ‘s steam contains only 5% moisture. Even fine cut loop woolen carpets are completely dry within 20 minutes. Unlike traditional water-injected cleaning methods, there is no risk of water damage to carpets and there are no moldy odours.

At the same time as cleaning, the killing power of steam penetrates to the base of the carpet pile destroying, dust mites, bed bugs, fleas and their eggs. The steam also deodorises common household smells such as pet and nicotine odors.

Stubborn Stains

The QV7 is supplied with various spotting tools to remove liquid stains that have penetrated deep into the carpet pile. To remove stubborn stains very hot water (and a little bit of carpet shampoo maybe, remembering not to create too much suds) is poured on to the area and then the Transparent Head spotting tool is used to concentrate suction and steam to release the stain.

Other Uses

The Power Head can also be used for mattress cleaning to remove dead human skin flakes, dust mites and odours.

The Power Head does not come as a standard tool in the purchase of a QV7. (Refer accessories price list)

Dual Filtration System

The Filtro Vap is a revolutionary dual filtration system process. Vacuumed air and dust particles first pass through a 102°C steam chamber to dampen and kill organisms before entering into the water filtration/collection chamber. Air is then expelled from the QV7 at 99. 99% filtration. This filtration system extracts the smallest particles such as pollen, mites, and micro dust which are among the main causes of respiratory ailments.

The added steam filtration offered with the QV7 is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. As an option you can also insert fragrances into the collection chamber and disperse a fresh aroma into the atmosphere as you clean.

Who uses the QV7?

Homeowners who want a dual steam with vacuum cleaner designed to protect and maintain fine/quality carpets. Allergy or Asthma suffers also purchase the QV7 as the filtration system significantly reduces dust emissions when dry vacuuming.





QV7 Technical Specifications

icon_62Boiler Construction1 piece insulated stainless steel with built in element
icon_62Boiler capacity1 litre
icon_62Boiler reserve tank1.5 litres
icon_62Reserve boiler tank empty warningYes Buzzer and automatic shut down
icon_62Steam pressure4. 5 bars or 65 PSI
icon_62Internal steam and water linesReinforced plastic hose
icon_62Maximum boiler temperature145°C
icon_62Steam delivery temperature102°C
icon_62Continuous water refillYes
icon_62Maximum Boiler Power usage2200 watts
icon_62Power supply240 volts / 50 hz / 10 amps
icon_62Boiler Power Usage2 Stage 2400 Watts max
icon_62Low voltage controls5 volts
icon_62Protection ratingIPX4
<icon_62Steam delivery hose2. 2 metres
icon_62Dust filtrationSteam chamber and water
icon_62Reclaim tub size1.5 litres
icon_62Machine weight (empty)11kgs
icon_62Dimensions48cm X 35cm X 32cm
icon_62Adjustable vacuum4 levels
icon_62Vacuum (max)1200 Watts
<icon_62Adjustable steamYES variable
icon_62Initial boiler heating time4 minutes
icon_62Carpet Power HeadYes 240 volts (optional extra)

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