What is steam vapour

Steam (vapour) cleaning is a simple yet extremely effective method of surface treatment.

High temperatures

The high temperature of the steam softens the greases, oils and fats etc that bind dirt into or onto surfaces, allowing the pressure to dislodge all the particles. The dirt can then be wiped or vacuumed away leaving surfaces sparkling and also sanitised, as the temperature of the blast is deadly to germs, bacteria and bugs. The same process is used to steam clean car engines, however, steam vapour is only 5% moisture allowing it to be suitable for internal cleaning.

Non abrasive

Steam cleaning is a non abrasive method of cleaning so chores are simplified and far less taxing than the old fashioned scrubbing methods or elbow grease as it was known. The high pressure blast allows cleaning and sanitising of hard to reach areas yet, with the temperature of the steam dropping dramatically as it merges with the air, steam is quite safe to use.

Save Money

So with the heat and pressure doing the cleaning and sanitising, in general cleaning you no longer have to waste money and risk your health and safety on costly and often toxic cleaning chemicals. With chemicals being linked to conditions such as ASTHMA, CANCER, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME etc, aside from the constant damage they do to our environment, more and more people are realising the benefits of reducing the toxic load we put on ourselves and our world.

Best method for cleaning

Steam is the worlds best method for cleaning tiles and grout, will clean windows and stainless steel or polished surfaces without streaking, removes baked on grease from bbq’s and ovens, removes most stains from carpets and kills and removes mould from ceilings and walls. In fact steam is one of the most versatile cleaning methods available today and can be adapted to almost any task in and around the home or workshop.